Friday, December 17, 2010

I recently visited St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, MN.  I was struck by the beauty, architecture, and details that make the hospital warm, inviting and timeless.
I snapped a few shots as I wandered the halls. Stop by the Stone Cottage Construction website and see how Stone Cottage Construction provides these same timeless details in our news homes as well as our remodels. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Specialty Rooms - Wine Cellar

Who loves wine?  Me too!  In home wine cellars are growing in popularity. 
It is remarkable how much wine can fit into a relatively small space, especially if you use a simple wooden or metal racking system, which will keep wines well ventilated, and provide easy single-bottle access.  Cellars can range from a tiny closet to an entire basement.
Below are a few inspirational wine cellar photos.  Let Stone Cottage Construction design a wine cellar for your new home or remodel.

 A few Tips on Creating A Wine Cellar:
  • The first essential is to create a storage environment that provides the basics of stable temperature, no light and no vibration.
  • Your cupboard, indoor space or your outdoor construction must be well shaded, well insulated and with the minimum of air movement in and out.
  • The objective is to provide stored wines with a constant temperature of between 50°F and 59°F (10°C – 15°C).
  • Moderate humidity is important to keep the cork in good resilient condition and prevent it shrinking. Screw capped bottles do not require humidity.
  • Light will prematurely age a bottle of wine. Clear bottles are most susceptible to this problem, but ultraviolet light will penetrate even dark colored glass.
  • Ultraviolet light will damage wine by causing the degradation of the otherwise stable organic compounds, especially the tannins found in wine. These organic compounds contribute to the aroma, flavor and structure of the wine. Without them your wine would appear flat and thin.
  • Sparkling wines require extra care as they are more sensitive to light than other wines.
  • Store your wine bottles horizontally so the wine is in contact with the cork. This will keep the cork wet. If the cork dries out and shrinks it will let air get to your wine. Store it with the label facing up. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Ladies Lounge

Last week we featured a few great photos of Man Caves.   Men deserve a in-home get away but the ladies deserve their own retreat as well.  "Ladies Lounges" are not as well known as the "Man Cave" but they are growing in popularity. Here are a few pictures of rooms made specifically for the lady of the home.  Stone Cottage Construction will design and build the ladies lounge of your dreams.  Here's some inspiration....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Man Cave

Have you ever considered dedicating an entire room as a hide out or retreat, if you will, for the man of the house?   "Man Caves", as they are often called,  are growing in popularity in new houses and remodeled homes alike.  It doesn't take much to turn a room into a man haven. Here are a few of our favorite "Man Cave" pictures to provide some inspiration. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Check out our Backsides...

Did we get your attention?  Good. 
Stone Cottage Construction picks only the best lots we can find. 
We put a lot of time, energy and consideration into each and every lot we purchase.  We pick lots that open up to large ponds, park reserves and ultimately amazing views.  In other words build with us and you won't be looking in your neighbors backyard.  Instead you'll be looking at deer roaming through the woods, wild turkeys strutting their stuff, and ring-necked pheasants flying low looking for their next snack.  
This all results in, well, great backsides (otherwise known as a backyard).
Take a look at a couple of our lot picture and then stop by and see our lots for yourself.  
Contact Sheryl Kempfert at 952.465.5067

Also check out our website for more floor plan options. The perfect house on the perfect lot, what more could one ask for?

Building in Parkview Ponds

Please Note: Stone Cottage is currently building in Parkview Ponds as well as many other neighborhoods.  The following blog post describes Parkview Ponds. Please check back for more blogs featuring the other neighborhoods in which Stone Cottage Construction is building new custom homes.

LOCATION: Park View Ponds is located in Farmington, MN between Pilot Knob Road and Hwy 3 off of 195th. It's set in valley like location with trees surrounding the entire neighborhood.  Enjoy privacy of no neighbors behind you. Build on beautiful pond lots or wooded views. All lots are lookouts or walkouts and view ponds and woods.  The neighborhood also includes paved trails, groomed trails through the woods, a large park area and large ponds stocked with fish.

TRAILS: Parkview Ponds features long winding paved trails that meander into other Farmington neighborhoods and park reserves. Parkview Ponds also features a groomed walking trail which takes hikers into the park reserve. Walking through the groomed trail it would be easy to think you're in the middle of a large forest with nothing around but nature.

PARKS: The Park Preserve  is located in the middle of Parkview Ponds.  It's a large park with a basketball court, baseball field, large playground and covered pavilion.
CITY: Farmington has a small town community feel with all the comforts of a large suburb.  It's the kind of place where everyone knows their neighbor and the community works together to make their town a better place.
Farmington has a traditional established downtown full of charm and character.  Besides the downtown area, Farmington has an abundance of farms as well as a booming commercial economy.
LOTS AVAILABLE: Stone Cottage Construction is currently offering a wide variety of home designs. We have pre-designed homes with customers selecting their own flooring, counter-tops, paint colors and 100 other things. We do custom homes where we assist in a unique design/build process.  Nothing backing up to another home.

For more information please visit The City of Farmington
SCHOOLS: Please visit Farmington Public Schools
Please come see our model, in Parkview Ponds, home located at 198th Circle West,Farmington. We would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.